Prepare for Illness if Traveling Abroad

Getting sick while traveling doesn’t have to lead to disaster.
It’s recommended:

  • Determine if you need special insurance, such as evacuation or travel health insurance.
  • Pack all medications you will need, including extras.
  • Always have with you a small card, written in the host language, that lists your health conditions, blood type, allergies and medications.
  • If you have a serious chronic medical condition, wear a MedicAlert bracelet.


It is a necessary condition of any booking that you have adequate travel insurance particularly to cover you for medical requirements. Carry the insurance documents with you in your hand luggage. It is also a good idea to review the policy prior to travelling to ensure that it is suitable for your holiday, note the extent of cover provided and the exclusion clauses. Be familiar with the procedures and contact details for getting help from your insurance company when you are overseas.

Sun Protection

The temperatures rise to a high of 45oC in August so high factor suntan lotion is essential. Build up your tan slowly. All at once will make you ill. Keeping hydrated with water only is a must!
Children should be well covered with hats and hydrated.

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