The latest situation of the COVID-19 pandemic around the World

There is a worldwide trend of a decrease in the incidence of new COVID-19 cases as of Spring 2022.

This can be attributed to the effective vaccination and other policies by national and supranational healthcare organizations.

As of the middle of April 2022; the total worldwide number of new daily cases is below 1 million now, which is amazing news. Many countries have now begun the process of planned re-normalization, without, of course, endangering the population.

Another issue to mention is the genetic mutation of the COVID-19 virus variants itself, which was feared at first as it could potentially create deadly variants of the variants, but now it has been shown that the newer widespread variants are –however more infectious-, less deadly and less dangerous than the original version of the virus. Hospitalization rates are lower than before. The vast majority of the newer COVID-19 cases suffer from flu-like symptoms which are a lot easier to treat than mortality-causing using times of COVID-19 which we all had to deal with back in 2020.

All in all, with the virus itself being less scary, and the incidence of new cases going down, it is likely that we can all go back to life as we know in the near future.

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