Alanya is located on the southern coast of Turkey, famous for its beautiful beaches, historical remains, and breathtaking nature. Health services are also of great importance for those living in this area. Konakli Medical Center in Alanya aims to deliver health services to every corner of the district with its modern facilities and trained doctors. Here are some reasons why this polyclinic is a good place:

  1. Experienced and Expert Doctors: Konakli Medical Center aims to provide the best healthcare service to the public by hosting expert and experienced doctors in their respective fields. This way, the people of Alanya can feel safe for all their health problems.
  2. Service to Every Neighborhood: Aiming to provide comprehensive health service by sending doctors to every neighborhood of Alanya, this polyclinic targets to offer great convenience, especially for those living in remote areas. Here are some Alanya neighborhoods where doctors can serve:
    • Oba
    • Cikcilli
    • Tosmur
    • Kestel
    • Mahmutlar
    • Kargıcak
    • Avsallar
    • Türkler
    • Payallar
    • Konakli
    • Tepe
    • Bektas
    • Çamyolu
    • Kızlar Pınarı
    • Saray
  3. Modern Facilities: Konakli Medical Center provides fast and effective service to its patients with its contemporary and advanced technology facilities. In this way, the people of Alanya can turn to a reliable center to resolve their health problems under the best conditions.
  4. Rapid Service for Emergencies: In emergency health situations, time is of great importance. Konakli Medical Center aims to intervene quickly in such cases, doing everything possible to save lives.

In conclusion, Konakli Medical Center is an important place for those living in Alanya in terms of access to health services. With its modern facilities, expert doctors, and aim to send doctors to every neighborhood, this polyclinic seeks to improve the quality of life for the people of Alanya.

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